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Every academic year, the Nantes Institute for Advanced Study, a state-approved public benefit foundation, invites about thirty Fellows selected for the quality and originality of their work. It offers 9-month-research stays (with some short stay exceptions), from October to June, during which research Fellows can pursue a project of their choice, freed from their administrative or teaching obligation. Fellows are asked to reside in Nantes during their fellowship, to take part into the weekly seminars in which each of them is expected to present the state of their works, and to participate to the three weekly meals giving them opportunities for fruitful conversations.

The IAS-Nantes provides its Fellows with high quality personalized assistance (logistic and scientific). Its library hosts the personal collection of books, journals and archives of Emile Poulat, one of the founding French sociologist and historian of religion. The Library also works in collaboration with all local and national university libraries, as well as other libraries abroad. The IAS-Nantes is located near the historical part of the city, and the Diplomatic Archives Centre. Accommodation and offices are located at the same site, on the banks of the Loire River; contributing to a unique experience in exceptional surroundings. For additional information about the Nantes-IAS:

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