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Usual Application Call - 2025-2026

This call for applications is aimed at researchers who wish to temporarily leave their country, institution and disciplinary framework in order to carry out an ...

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Submission to Common Chair Call - 2025

This year, the Chaire Communs opens its first call for applications for a research residency. The aim of this residency is to support an individual in the development of his or her thinking around the commons in the context of the current global crises. Applications from women, sexual and gender minorities, people from vulnerable communities or from the South are strongly encouraged. The call is open to applicants with proven research experience (applied, artistic, literary or scientific) in an academic and/or civil context. As such, a doctorate or academic background is not a prerequisite. The originality, relevance and excellence of the project and application will be assessed. The selected candidate will be invited to take up a six-month research residency at the Institut d'études avancées de Nantes (France). Application guidelines : https://pad.liiib.re/common_chair_application_note Call : https://uncloud.univ-nantes.fr/index.php/s/gF64KNBp3SbHMaX